Birthdays are special and you surely would love to show your loved ones how much you love them on their big days. And how best could you probably do this other than showering them with gifts?

However, finding the right gifts to convey your wishes can be an issue especially when you have a slim budget in Nigeria. As such, we have carefully selected the affordable birthday gift ideas that are sure to make that special somebody feel loved on his/her birthday.

If you are thinking of getting a birthday gift, here is a list of affordable birthday gift ideas in Nigeria. These items are both affordable and thoughtful

  • A customized Mug

Unless you’re getting a gift for some kind of desert-dwelling animal, your recipient will definitely need to drink something from time to time. You can get the celebrant a cheeky customized wine or coffee mug. The idea here is to give the celebrant something basic but essential to help her through her day. You can go for perfection by tailoring it to her favourite color or inscribing a hilarious slogan that will make the mug feel more personal.

  • A framed photo

Got a photo you think the celebrant would admire? Maybe it’s one of the classics featuring both of you or maybe it’s a super shot of the celebrant you took in the oddest of places. Either way, a framed photo can be a really touching gift.

  • Make a photo collage

Remember the day you started out together? Then make an artful collage out of the old photos taken from the day you started going out together until the present.

  • Blanket

A blanket is a perfect mix of class, comfort, and warmth for those days of watching TV and lounging around the house. It will make a perfect sense if the celebrant’s big day falls in the rainy season.

  • A message in a bottle

Write your message on a piece of paper, spray it with your perfume, roll it up, and put it inside a wine bottle decorated with colourful ribbons. Then close the bottle with a cork.

  • A customized pillow cover

A pillow cover will convey your message in the best possible ways to the celebrant for many years to come. However, be sure to get one with a quality fabric.

  • A fill-in-the-blank book

You can get the celebrant a sweet fill-in-the-blank book that will straight up tell them why you love them. Make sure you go for books that have enough blank space for you to write everything you love about the celebrant and even add those special photos.

  • A gift basket

You can fill a chest or ice bucket with the celebrant’s favourite drink, beef jerky, a book, and a movie or video game he/she has been keeping his eye on.

  • Inspirational Bracelet

Why not help the celebrant start the new year with a boost of motivation – in bracelet form? The bracelet will help you remind her everyday just how brave, strong and smart you consider him/her to be.

  • Write them a poem

A poem is a beautiful way of expressing your love to a special person. Create a beautiful poem from scratch then print it on cardboard paper and place it in a frame.

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Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash