Christmas is here again! It’s that favorite time of the year to celebrate with family and friends. We know you’re already gearing to celebrate another colourful Christmas with your loved ones. Hence, we’ve come up with affordable gift ideas you can consider to help make the 2019 Christmas celebration an unforgettable one.
1. A colourful print
If your loved ones are mostly in their 20s, it’s most likely that their walls are totally bare. You can help change that by surprising them with a nice poster or print in a good frame. A good option is to get a nice concert poster from their favorite brand.
2. Scented Candles
Christmas has a unique smell. You can help put your loved ones in the Christmas mood by getting them a nice scented candle with a lovely aroma.
3. Costume jewelry
Costume jewelries are great option if you have a budding diva in your family that is crazy about statement necklaces.
4. A jar filled with candy
Christmas is special for everyone, but even more for little ones. So consider stocking the house with a jar full of candy. Even when the candy finishes, they’ll have a nice receptacle for flowers to put on the dining table.
5. A six-pack of a specialty beer
If your loved ones are cool with alcoholic drinks, you could get something them a local or seasonal beer to help top up their Christmas mood.
6. Hand-made pillows
Christmas is colourful. If you’ve unique sowing skills, you can try making a little, pink pillow for your favorite niece.
7. Homemade cookies
If you have fantastic baking skills, you can consider delivering homemade cookies in basket at the doorstep of your friends.
8. Perfume
A nice scent is a must for Christmas. Just make sure you get perfumes that smell expensive enough to make an impact.