Best Wedding Rings In Nigeria Below 50k!

affordable wedding rings in Nigeria

Whether you’re a sucker for jewelry or not, the wedding ring is one piece of jewelry you are supposed to wear every single day of your life. Why? Because it goes beyond being a ring. It is one item that supposedly encompasses all the feelings you have for the person you love most in the world.

Needless to say; choosing the perfect wedding ring is not a play in the park. It can be challenging as there are many options; costs, metals, designs, etc.  The good news is that we have saved you the stress by providing the best affordable wedding rings in Nigeria.

Are you confused or frustrated because your preferred wedding ring does not meet your wedding budget? Or does the thought of buying a wedding band remind you of your over-stretched wedding budget? Worry no more! You don’t need to break a bank to get the perfect wedding ring.

You can get quality yet affordable wedding rings under 50,000 Naira. And guess what? These rings don’t yield to time, they don’t wear or tear. You are getting the complete package; pocket-friendly, durable, and of course; exquisite!

Looking for affordable wedding rings in Nigeria? Search no more! We have provided handful of options for you.


Surprised? You shouldn’t be. There are wedding rings for 10,000 Naira of great value. Below is one of our best picks.

10000 Naira wedding ring

The gold-filled wedding Ring pair for couples. Simple yet classic, a masterpiece itself. You can get this, and other silver wedding rings here

15k WEDDING RINGS IN NIGERIA provides a wide range of wedding rings for fifteen thousand Naira.

These wedding rings come in different designs as seen in the image above. You can browse these offers here


If you’re a sucker for silver rings, we have got you covered! Be it simple, classic or ancient, you don’t need to worry. Quick Tip: Wearing silver protects you from electromagnetic radiation emanating from cellphones and other electronic devices.

Don’t miss the opportunity to wow the public with this quintessential silver wedding ring. Get it here  


If you are a minimalist and prefer a simple and lightweight wedding band, Azarai offers a wide range of titanium wedding rings for men and women.

best  affordable wedding rings in Nigeria

 These rings are below fifty thousand Naira and are available here. One of the advantages of buying titanium wedding rings is that it doesn’t rust and it weighs a lot less than gold in any of its variants.

Also, titanium rings are difficult to scratch and bend out of shape because it is a more resistant material.

Final Note

Yes, there’s a lot of pressure to find the perfect wedding ring, but really, it’s not so much about the ring as what the ring represents: A union between two people who truly love each other.

Also, a wedding ring is not a reason to go into debt, especially when there are so many options like the ones above that cost below 50k.

Planning a wedding in Nigeria? Get an instant estimate of how much it’ll cost using this free wedding cost calculator.

Featured photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash