A huge part of event planning is about being careful and well-detailed. You have to ensure you are careful about the details of the event so you don’t dash the hopes of your clients.

In event planning, there are some pitfalls you should avoid, here are some of them below:

  1. Not taking out time to know what your client wants: If you don’t take out time to understand what your event planner wants, how would you meet and even exceed their expectations? Don’t rush into starting the event planning that you don’t even understand what is required or expected of you.
  2. Not confirming with vendors: Never make the mistake of speaking with vendors once and not confirming on a later date. This is one of the huge event planning pitfalls that must be avoided. You don’t want your vendor’s disappointing your clients!
  3. Not having a budget: Don’t start planning an event without a budget. How much does your client have and how much is he or she ready to spend for the event? What are the priorities for your client and what are some of the things you can find alternatives for? Is your client working on a tight budget? You must remm=ember that part of your job is to help your client get the best deals.
  4. Not having enough time for the planning: Always give yourself enough time to plan an event. Sometimes rushing an event without taking out enough time to plan it can be disadvantageous. Give yourself enough time to get the details right.
  5. Not having a backup plan: As much as you can, try to have a contingency plan in place. Plan ahead; what if rain falls, is there a canopy that you can use? What if there is no electricity, it there an alternative power supply?
  6. Lack of innovation: Innovation is key; don’t just set out to meet your clients’ expectations, you should plan to exceed them as well. Innovate!
  7. Not knowing the number of guests to expect: If you don’t know the number of guests to expect for an event, how would you provide for them? Even if you can’t ascertain the number of guests, you should have an estimate.

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