Being a makeup artist in Nigeria is exciting and rewarding. However, mere passion and flair can’t make you top your game. Your business solely depends on how you market yourself. The more diligent you’re in this area, the more opportunities you’re likely to get.  

Word of mouth alone while effective, might not be sufficient enough to link you to potential customers. There are several online platforms but ultimately,  nothing influences people to patronize your business more than professionalism and customer reviews.

Below are online channels were you can get clients as a makeup artist in Nigeria


Planit is a platform for event vendors in Nigeria. With thousands of users and vendors, it provides a ready pool of potential clients as most site visitors require a service. All you have to do is sign up on the platform, create a vendor profile, upload pictures of past work you’ve done and get more brand visibility and access to more potential clients.


Easily the largest photo-based application globally, Instagram offers you a broad range of customers. Using relevant hashtags will gain you more visibility on the platform. Also, following,commenting on (without spamming) and creating relationships with other makeup/beauty personalities and few giveaways/discounts will be sure to get you more eye balls.


Makeup sessions and ‘how to’ Video clips also do the trick. With high  video quality and enough subscribers to your channel, clients wouldn’t be a problem and the best thing is, you can create tutorials with your phone. (see the video below on how to make a tutorial video on your phone)



While it might appear as though online yellow pages are ‘out of style’, they are highly relevant especially with search engines e.g. when searching for “makeup artists in Lagos”, it is more likely than not, for a link from an online yelloow page directory to pop up.

Get your business listed gives customers an easy access to your profile. Your business name,  contacts and address are made available to the public. A good example of  this is YellNigeria


Just like instagram, Twitter also provides a platform and is especially useful for brands (such as yourself) and (potential) customers interact easily via tweets. With the right profile, uploads and tweets and relationships with personalities related to your business, you’ll be able to gain more visibility to clients.


While marketing yourself in these channels, remember to be consistent with recent changes and trends, have a network of colleagues to learn from and be social/responsive. Also be sure to address reviews (both positive and negative) as they tend to have more effect on your business than imagined.


Makeup artist? Looking for more business? Click HERE to sign up on Planit and create a vendor profile today.