Whether you’re planning a wedding, a marketing seminar, a milestone birthday, or an awards ceremony, hiring a professional Master of Ceremony (MC) is always an option to keep your guests entertained. However, there is also the cheaper option of getting one of your friends, relatives or member of staff to anchor the event.

It is important, though, that you evaluate your options well enough before making a decision, as your choice can make or break your event. To help you ease your decision-making, here are a few reasons why we believe hiring a professional MC for your event is an excellent decision:

  • Experience

A professional MC has the capacity and experience to handle with any technical hitches such as sound system issues, last-minute script changes, and other snafus that are bound to happen during the course of an event. Chances are that the seeming catastrophe that arises during the show is a standard operating procedure for a professional MC.

  • Ability to take the pressure off the host

While your friend could be the funniest person in small groups, he might be a completely different person when the house lights go down and the mic goes hot. With a professional MC, you won’t have to worry about how to keep your guests entertained throughout the event. A good MC will take the burden off your shoulder so you can concentrate on enjoying the occasion.

  • Ability to add unforgettable touches to your event

MCs are well-trained in making an event an unforgettable one. It’s highly likely that your guests will remember some of the jokes the MC tells even many years after the event. 

  • Time management

It is not uncommon to see speakers extend their allocated time during an event. When a segment of an event runs too long, there is the risk of losing the attention of the audience. It takes a professional MC to manage time well and ensure everything happens according to schedule.

  • A fresh perspective

An MC who is not from your internal circle is most likely not known to the audience, thus their presence wouldn’t bring pre-conceived notions. A professional MC comes with a fresh perspective that will keep your guests entertained without removing starving your event the professionalism it deserves.

Some of the reasons why you might need to pass on hiring an MC include limited budget, tiny event size (for example, a small family get-together) and more. However, the advantages of hiring an MC far exceed the disadvantages by far.

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Photo by Matthias Wagner on Unsplash