As a bride-to-be, one of the things you need to budget for when planning for your wedding is your wedding dress.

Of course, your wedding dress may be one of the most expensive items on your list. However, you need to decide if you will be renting or buying your wedding dress.

If you decide to rent your wedding dress you need to remember that there are contracts and do’s and don’ts that come with it. However, would you choose to buy a wedding dress you wear only once?

Before you decide to either buy or rent a wedding dress, here are some of the pros and cons of both options:



  • It is cheaper to rent your wedding dress
  • No need to worry about storage because you have to return the dress
  • You can borrow the wedding dress made by top designers


  • A borrowed wedding dress can’t be altered to suit your needs
  • No dress to remind you of your wedding day after your wedding ceremony
  • You need to be extra careful with the dress because damages on the dress can attract extra costs




  • It can be bespoke and sewn to your choice
  • There are a variety of choices available for you to pick from
  • It can be altered to suit your needs
  • It can be kept for future reference
  • It can be handed down to others


  • You are wearing it once no matter how expensive you bought it for
  • It is expensive
  • Storing the wedding can sometimes become an issue

And so, depending on your goals and budget, you can carefully choose between the option of either renting or buying your wedding dress. In addition, remember to go for the option that would suit your needs, pockets, and make you happy as a bride!

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