Planit Overview

0101 - What Is Planit?

What we offer

A platform for customers to find the (event) services they need fast and easy. For the service providers, we provide a range of tools to enable them to operate efficiently.

0202 - We've got you covered

The services you need, fast.

We make it easier (and faster) for you to find the services you need. So, whether you're looking to get small chops for yourself or looking to hire an event planner for a wedding, we've got you covered.

0303 - Looking for gigs?

Tool & Customers

For vendors, we not only offer you a platform to showcase your services, we're always working to offer you the tools you need to efficiently deliver your services.

0404 - The Pro Way

Let us handle it for you!

If you're looking beyond just hiring for certain services and want to plan an event, our Planit Pro service takes the stress of event planning off your shoulders. Vendor and venue selection, payments, and more handled for you!

0505 - Safety

We've got you covered.

To ensure safety of your transactions, we thoroughly vet vendors. Vendors that have been vetted have the verified badgeon their profiles. We're constantly working on vetting as many vendors as possible.