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Planit Pro

What we're offering

Quality Assurance

We carefully handpick the partners we work with for each event to ensure that we have the best hands delivering the services required.

Dedicated Staff

A dedicated team member will be assigned to you and will work with you from start to finish.

Payment Security

By managing payment details on your behalf, we ensure that every service provider we work with for your event delivers as expected

How It Works

Just 3 simple steps and you’re all set up for pro

Submit Request

Fill out & submit the form. An account specialist will be assigned to you to further understand your needs and help you pick out vendors.

Approve Vendors

The account specialist, after handpicking from our 7,000+ vendors, will contact you, to approve the selected vendors.

Make Payment

Once payment is made, we'll work round the clock to ensure quality service delivery and enable you have an amazing event.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trust Planit?

Planit offers services to over 5,000 vendors and is committed to being a long-term player in the events space. When it comes to payments, we use Paystack which means your payments details are safe and secure as well as our identity verifiable.

How will Planit guarantee service delivery?

We handpick vendors from our pool of over 5,000 vendors to cater to your needs. We also partner with external partners. Also, when selecting vendors, we make sure that we have backup vendors who will deliver if a particular vendor disappoints at the last minute. While we offer 100% refunds if vendors don't deliver, understand that your event going as planned is more important than the refund and we are dedicated towards ensuring you have a smooth event.

Can I meet with the Account Specialist physically?

In some locations, yes. We can assign the account specialist to meet with you physically on request. Otherwise, you'll mostly be meeting the vendors after we've negotiated with them.

Will I meet the Vendor(s) physically before the event?

Absolutely! With pre-event activities such as food tasting and more, it is only wise that you meet with the vendors before events and after initial payments.

Can Vendors be changed if I don't want to work with them?

Yes, we have thousands of quality, willing vendors and can change to those who cater to your taste.

Can I make part payments?

Yes, we allow part payments as long as 100% of the amount is paid at least 10 days before the event. The reason why we insist on the full amount being provided before the event is to ensure smoothness in payment of vendors after the event as well as prevent post-event payment issues which are usually way too difficult to handle.

Would I pay to Vendors directly?

Payments are to be made to Planit to ensure service delivery, refunds and more. To ensure that your service delivery is guaranteed, we will only assign vendors to you after part payment is made..

What are the extra charges involved?

We charge a small, negligible fee from both the event host and vendor which will be agreed upon before any payment is made.