Birthdays come once in a year and no doubt the most exciting time of a year. However, due to its level of importance to people coupled with its distinguished meanings, as it could mean beginning of a new cycle for one and to another – a new thrust to see life differently, it’s ideal having a deep knowledge of how and where to shoot your birthday photos to make it a blast.

To that end, our birthday photoshoot ideas and location will enable you create that lasting memory of your beautiful day in decades to come. Whether you’re in a small town or a big city there’s a big chance you might have these photoshoot locations near you.

Below are birthday photoshoot ideas and locations to lookout for:

Industrial parks

This Park offers all sorts of interesting and impressive background and textures. It also provides great light to give a perfect shot.

In addition, birthday shoot ideas and location require places without too many distractions to help every moment in your caption work cohesively. And Industrial Parks are perfect example of such places.

Nature does it better

Nothing beats the uniqueness of nature. Outdoors is an awesome location to shoot and capture the best from nature. Just walk to the nearest garden or better still, a local hiking spot and you’ve got a perfect location for your birthday shoot.

Staircases are perfect

This is a great idea and soothing location for your birthday shoot. Most staircases are full of features which make for intriguing shots especially for portraits because of its natural leading lines.

Also, staircases have an interesting shapes, and patterns to give your shoot a beautiful display. So even if you desire to sit, stand, walk up or walk down, these angles allow for action shots that captures everything.

Graffiti walls

Graffiti is a great birthday shooting ideas location because of its abundance – colourful patterns, lines, shapes, designs and more. This artworks doesn’t only look aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it carries several meanings like every other artwork. So if you desire an interesting background for your birthday shoot, try something creative with graffiti walls.


Greenhouse is a fitting location for your birthday shoot ideas. The designs of greenhouses are as stunning as the natural wonders within, no wonder it’s often seen as a romantic structure by admirers.

However, it’s not compulsory you have your own greenhouse location, you can always check within your area as almost every city has a local plant provider who uses greenhouses to grow something.

These light-filled spaces are warm, inviting, bright and perfect for a birthday shot. I don’t think there could be any other location more fascinating than a greenhouse.

Textured walls

There’s nothing more timeless than a textured wall. These walls add character to your shoot as the bumps reflect light and create shadows. Which makes it amazing for a birthday shoot idea and location.

No matter where you live, you can always find a sprayed or a well patterned wall you can take shoot at. These walls are extremely popular because it works perfectly for every type of photoshoot.

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Featured image by Sofft Work