Every event comes with its own hassles given that one has to deal with aspects of budget planning, collaborating with vendors and many more.  Many times, it is easy to forget or mentally push back the importance of some ‘small things’ while focusing on bigger components such as venue. However, it is important to note that both small and big components have to be great to make an event wonderful.

An example of one of the assumed ‘small things’ is the souvenir choice. Most often, people make the mistake of assuming that anything could serve as souvenirs, thus opting for beautiful but useless gifts as opposed to making them thoughtful, as well as useful gifts. Several souvenir items can be used in an event, for example, some souvenirs can be reserved for ‘high table’ guests at weddings (typically the more pricier items since there are fewer guests there).

Here is a list of fairly affordable items you should consider using as souvenirs given their affordability and how long lasting they are.

Ankara notepads
This would leave an imprint that wouldn’t be forgotten in a hurry. Notepads are useful in everyday life (e.g. check out this vendor that offers Ankara branded items on Planit from 250 Naira)
Cost: 500 – 1,000 Naira each

Portable Umbrella
A fold-into-two umbrella would do the magic. But then it is all dependent on your budget.
Cost: 1,000 – 2,000 Naira each

Fanciful door hangers
Amazed? This is not expensive and it is quite useful too. It could carry good luck or prayer messages.
Cost: 250 to 700 Naira each

Customized fridge magnets
This is quite cool and affordable too. It would leave a long-lasting imprint. Two faces beaming smiles on a fridge could brighten up one’s dull moment.
Cost: 700-1,000 each (depends on quantity)

(Customized) Keychains
No more missing keys for the guests.
Cost: From as low as 300 Naira each 

Fanciful trays
Not too large or small. Clothed in cool colours.
Cost: From 1,500 Naira each (depends on quality, design etc.)

Customized hand fans.
A foldable fan would do the magic, as it could be carried anywhere, safely lying in a handbag or desk.
Cost: From 300 Naira

Other great, affordable souvenir items include:

Fancy Wall Clocks

Customized hand mirror

Customized carrier bags.


Customized flag pen.

Porcelain plates.


Paper bound jotter



What should drive the ultimate choice when selecting souvenir items should include the type of event (e.g. throw pillows might be a better choice for birthday parties), cost, and celebrant’s preferences.

Souvenirs are takeaway gifts for party guests to remember the memorable event. However, it doesn’t have to make you spend way over your budget.

If you need souvenir items in any state in Nigeria, click HERE to find hundreds of vendors who create/sell souvenirs