For many people, choosing the right venue for an event usually seems like a herculean task. Undoubtedly, your choice of venue has huge impacts on the success or failure of your event.

The attendees’ experiences, the catering options, the mood of the party and the date of the event are not entirely independent of your choice of venue. While this may sound a bit overwhelming, you do not have to be overwhelmed.

Here some tips to guide you through the process of choosing a venue for your next event.


Choose a location based on who will be attending. A corporate event involving employees should be done close to the office and be easily accessible by popular means of transport. If the event would take place over a few days, be sure to go for an event venue that is close to hotels or guest houses.

Size and capacity

The size of the venue should be directly proportional to the number of attendees expected at your event. Be sure to get the number right; too small and your event risk being overcrowded, too big and your guests look lost.

Services and amenities

The idea venue for any event should have all the necessary services and amenities; parking lots for cars, kitchen for your caterers, tables, chairs and linens, security equipment and personnel, setup crew and possibly, audio-visual equipment.


A conference/meeting event should be done in a venue with basic technical supports, including high-quality AV equipment and fast and easily accessible Wi-Fi.


Don’t depend on the sweet promises you got from the venue management. Make sure you go an extra length to get feedback from past customers and staff. 


Many times, cost varies according to the event date. Events held in December are usually on the high-side cost-wise. Be sure you go for an affordable venue based on your budget without sacrificing the pleasure of your guests.

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Photo by Mat Brown from Pexels