Weddings in Nigeria are viewed accurately as being expensive. This is due to a number of factors including ‘phases’ involved in a typical wedding (i.e. traditional wedding, formal ceremony and reception) with each of them carrying along a new expense list. Thankfully, there are prudent ways to cut down wedding costs Nigeria without making your special day a flop.

Weekday vs Weekend
While planning a wedding on the weekend is typically considered the norm, it’ll be more cost-efficient to plan a weekday wedding as the cost of venues are typically lower as well as costs of vendors (due to higher demand on weekends, prices for vendors are significantly higher). Also, it’ll help trim guest list to people who are really close to you.

Luxury vs Need
Your budget is the vehicle for your event. Please understand all the items that are in your budget and weigh them. Prioritize core needs such as venue, decoration, cake, food, and drinks ahead of other costs.

Hire an Event Planner
If you can, it is always preferable to hire an event planner as they already have established relationships with vendors (so lower costs are to be expected).

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Reduce Your Guest List
Cut your guest list, even just a little bit, and save on everything. For example, if you invite 300 guests instead of 350, you’ll save up a significant sum especially on food and drinks per head (which is in the 1000-3000 range per person).

eCards and Access cards vs Printed invitation cards
While this isn’t an obvious choice on the price-slashing list, choosing to go with e-invitation cards and access cards as opposed to printing them out. Sometimes the printing is mostly unavoidable due to societal traditions but if possible, avoiding them would go a long way.

Spend less on clothing
We should have probably started off the list with this one 🙂 You may want to have an elegant Aso Ebi or ankara but you’ll be surprised how much you can save by choosing a less expensive fabric or a style with fewer embellishments. Check out for affordable ones.

Except totally needed, you can, for example, rent out bridal wears as opposed to buying them. Also, for the groom, if the event is not too formal, a suit already previously owned will do just fine.

Cutting down wedding costs is very essential given that many have experienced terrible financial aftermaths. Your day is special but it shouldn’t leave you in a financially devastated mood shortly after.

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