Planning an event in Nigeria is no small feat. Often times, celebrants are saddled with general stress and debts as an aftermath.  Event planners exist to ensure that the event celebrant doesn’t overly stress with budgeting for and organizing other vendors yet, the idea of hiring an event planner has often been declined  by many. Several reasons exist as to why you should hire an event planner.

There has been a lot of debate on when and why one should hire an event planner or if event planners should be hired at all. Some of the arguments against hiring event planners include that they’re an additional cost, that they cut down on standard of services just to work within budget and many others.  Also, there is a misconception that event vendors are solely needed in large events.

Below are the reasons why you might need to hire an event planner for your event.


Contrary to popular opinion, hiring an event planner does save you money. Their  vast experience in handling events as well as relationship with vendors gives them an in-depth knowledge on what and what best for your event as well as get discounted prices from their existing vendor relationships.


Given that in Nigeria, most event planners double as event coordinators, hiring an event planner will give you enough time to settle in on celebrating the event itself as the event planner would be responsible for all or most of the running around involved in organizing the event.


Event planners always work to stick to the budget (range) no matter how large or small it is. They know where to slash down excesses. You wouldn’t be saddled with thoughts and fears about the event as they always stick to the available resources.


Many events have slight or large last minute changes which will typically leave the event celebrant in disarray. However, event planners are typically prepared for this (due to experience and training) and have available (backup) options to salvage the situation e.g. a last minute vendor failure.

Ultimately, when hiring an event planner, it is important to discuss scope, preferences, and things you wouldn’t want to change. This would foster a smoother planning experience for you and the hired event planner.


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