A segment of a typical Nigerian wedding reception that stands out is the refreshments, otherwise called ‘item seven’. In addition to the wedding itself, this is what many guests look forward to during the wedding reception.

In a country like Nigeria with assorted food and many food lovers, the food choices for your wedding reception should be one that cut across age, tribes and tastes, so the guests wouldn’t have a cause for compliant.

Food choices in a typical wedding reception fall under three categories; appetizers, main course and desserts.



Cashew nuts


Bitter kola

Fruit salad


Peppered snail

African salad

Yam chips


Puff puff



Jollof rice

Fried rice and salad

Ofada rice

Amala and ewedu

Pounded yam and egusi

semovita and bitter leaf soup

Afang soup and fufu

Pounded yam and dried okra soup

Singapore noodles


Akidi and oil bean

Rice and sauce

Moin moin



Fish and chips

Mini burgers


Sausage rolls



Goat meat pepper soup

Pepper soup and bread

Ice cream


Drinks and beverages


It is important to work with a caterer to know if any guests have dietary restrictions (e.g. lactose intolerance) and make exceptions for them. Also important is knowing what general preferences guests have and making different variations (e.g. traditional meals vs intercontinental dishes and more).


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