You finally got engaged to the love of your life and you are ecstatic! We know that feeling; the joy can’t be hidden and so, you are now ready to get married to your spouse and a date has been chosen for the big day! Congratulations!

Now that you have set your wedding date, so what next?

Before you chose your wedding date, you must have considered a lot of factors such as the preferred date of you and your spouse, the time that is suitable for your in-laws, your parents, etc.

You would have also decided on a date that doesn’t clash with an existing major event, in some cases a date that is rain-free, a date that is generally available for all to be able to attend, and so on.

Now that you have finally picked a suitable date, what should you do next?

Here are some recommended steps to take when planning a Nigerian wedding:

  1. Meet with your event planner:

    Now is the time to set up a meeting your event planner* if you are going to be working with one. You need to give yourself ample time to plan early and plan well. Working with a date makes your planning more realistic than planning without a date. Your event planner would want to know if you have a date chosen already, this also indicates that you are serious and actually ready as a Nigerian wedding (or any wedding at all) can be stressful.

    *You can get an event planner on fast and easy.

  2. Write your guest list:

    The truth is that you need some numbers to work with. For instance, you can’t decide on issues like food, event space, drinks, decorations, etc. without having an idea of how many people would be coming to your wedding. Even if you may not be accurate, you need to work with an estimate so that you don’t over-plan or under-plan.

  3. Vendor sourcing:

    Once you have agreed with your event planner, your event planner needs to help get the best vendors that suit your needs, budget, and plan for your big day! Here, you need to take a lot of caution so as not to choose the wrong vendors.

    To make this easier, you should use to search for vendors in any state in Nigeria

  4. Send out invites:

    Now is the time to send out invites to the people on your guest list. Ensure there is someone who can be contacted (RSVP) in case of situations where your invitees can’t come for the event or something.

  5. Meeting with vendors:

    Next, once the sourcing and the selection process have been done for the vendors, then you need to meet with them after your event planner has met with them. You must ensure all grounds are covered and all expectations noted so that you don’t get disappointed and so that you all are on the same page.

One of the important things to do throughout this period is to constantly touch base with your event planner in order to ensure that you are both on the same page and things are going as planned.

You don’t want a situation whereby an expected wasn’t earlier communicated or wasn’t communicated correctly. This would be disadvantageous.

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Photo by Sam Ofia Photography