When planning events, there are many moving parts and decisions to be made. One of the core decisions is deciding whether to hire vendors or have a go at the tasks by yourself.

People often believe that being in charge during these times will aid coordination in and success of the event but this isn’t always the case.

After each occasion, we wonder why we didn’t have fun. Why we didn’t show up in the pictures taken and even in the ones we showed up in, we didn’t slay as we planned to.

Sometimes, it’s either you can’t tell your aunt Jane who claimed to be a professional caterer that the food was tasteless or uncle James that the pictures weren’t professional.

Every occasion is to be enjoyed not managed. Whether you’re having a get together of 20 guests or a corporate event of 1000 guests, maximum satisfaction should be paramount. What’s more? Everything should make your guests or participants look forward to future events. This is why you need vendors.

Vendors are people or organisations that offer goods or services for sale. Although there are several classes of vendors, the most popular ones are those that cater directly to the needs of their customers. Like DJs, makeup artistes, MCs, caterers etc.

Vendors are critical to the success of any event and here are some reasons why.


There are so many parts to having a successful event. From the venue to decoration to program content to food to souvenir and even feedback from after the event etc. Things can get a little overwhelming and crowded to the extent that minute but important details can be forgotten. Vendors bring organisation to your events. They help you take care of all the big and little details and save you the stress of running around. Something as minute as sitting arrangements can help you have a more memorable event, thanks to your event planner.

Reduced Cost

Most people argue this point because getting a vendor sounds like a lot of money or something for the wealthy. However, more often than not, vendors help cut costs associated with planning/running an event.

First off, vendors could be wholesalers who give you prices you can’t get in the market yourself. They could also be retailers who get products and services at highly discounted rates and this affects your bill eventually.

Then let’s talk about the cost of time and energy they help you save which we can’t accurately put a price tag on.


It’s very different when you have a professional do something for you than when just about anybody does it. That’s the difference between “Uncle James can snap pictures” and a professional photographer. Professionalism brings all the beauty, poise and class to your events.

Also, you get to give feedback to vendors you hire.


Since most vendors offer their goods and services for business purposes, satisfying their customer or client is paramount to them. This is because great reviews and referrals from satisfied customers go a long way in moving their businesses forward. While Uncle James who is just coming to help out won’t be bothered with reviews or referrals, your vendor will be and so go the extra mile to satisfy you.

There are many more reasons why you need a vendor for your upcoming event such as easier coordination and time saving (among others)

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Photo source: Iwaria (by Chef Maelle)