Want to look confident and glowing on your wedding day? The key to achieving this look is your wedding dress!

Apart from being a piece of clothing, the wedding dress represents royalty, and of course; purity! Being the cynosure of all eyes, your A-game is your wedding gown.

Why? Simply because amongst the arrangements and decorations that go into a wedding ceremony, nothing sticks to the eyes like a bride’s stunning wedding dress.

In fact, one of the most important things when planning a wedding is the wedding dress.

However, finding the perfect wedding gown for your big day can be very stressful. Whether you’re a fashionista or not, getting the latest wedding gowns that match your size, style, and budget can leave you overwhelmed.

Don’t worry! Due to our love for Nigerian brides and events, we have provided the best wedding dresses of 2021.

Looking for wedding gowns in Nigeria and their prices? Search no more. Below are the top 10 stunning wedding gowns.

1. Mermaid Wedding Gowns

2020 saw the rise of brides rocking the mermaid wedding dress otherwise called the ‘Fishtail’. Simple yet unique, the mermaid wedding gown can either be made with crepe or lace.

In fact, Brunella, popular Nigerian actor Williams Uchemba’s wife, wore the famous mermaid dress on her wedding day not quite long ago.

Brunella Oscar’s wedding gown

2. Detachable Wedding Dress

If you’re trying to cut down on expenses in order to meet your budget, the detachable wedding gown is a good bet for you. It is a two in one outfit that is worn during the church wedding and the reception.

Bride wearing a transformable wedding dress

You don’t need to plan for a reception dress as the detachable wedding gown covers for both ceremonies. You only need to remove the frill and Viola! You have a reception dress.

Hadassah Bridals offers a wide range of detachable wedding dresses. You can browse the collection here.

3. Off-Shoulder Wedding Gown

The off-shoulder wedding gown has been the favourite wedding dress for chubby ladies for some time now. However, the current fashion trend has seen many petite or slim ladies rocking off-shoulder wedding gowns, as it accentuates their collar bones.

Smiling bride wearing an off-shoulder wedding gown

4. The Short Wedding Dress

Because Minimalism is the new cool, a lot of brides are opting for comfortable short wedding gowns. Often times, these short wedding dresses are rocked with comfy sneakers.

Nigerian bride wearing a short wedding gown on sneakers.

Cool right? Minimalism is the new extravagance! If you are a lover of everything unique, a short wedding gown is a good option for you.

5. Ball Wedding Gowns

If you’re a plus-size, the ball wedding dress can help your A-game.

Image showing a ball wedding dress

6. Halter Necks Wedding Dress

After Megan Markle wore her stunning halter neck dress at her wedding, it has inspired a handful of designs among the 2020 collections. More brides are rocking either high neck halters with pretty bows or elegant racer-back styles.

African bride wearing a halter neck wedding gown

The halter neck wedding dress is a good option and can be worn in a church wedding or during the reception.

7. Mermaid Style With Ruffles

The mermaid wedding dress with ruffles is one of the best romantic gowns out there. It would be an error if it is not mentioned in this collection.

Bride wearing mermaid wedding gown with ruffles

8. Wedding Gowns With Sleeves

It is no news that the long sleeve wedding dress is the new picture of elegance in 2021. More brides are opting for simple wedding gowns with sleeves, as it is romantic and eloquent.

If you’re a sucker for elegant dresses, getting a wedding gown with long sleeves should be a good option for you. The good news is this: apart from the halter neck wedding gown, other wedding gown styles can have long sleeves. Check the collections of long sleeves wedding dress here

9. Coloured Wedding Dresses

If you’re looking for something different, or if you want your wedding dress to make the news, the coloured wedding gown is a refreshing change from the impracticality of white.

Bride wearing a coloured wedding gown

In fact, coloured wedding gowns offer modern brides the chance to express their individuality on their big day. Colour tints in champagne, dusky blue, blush, and even red have graced catwalks of some of the most prestigious bridal designers.

10. Lace Wedding Dresses

The lace wedding gown has come to stay and it has been dubbed ‘vintage wedding dress’. One beautiful thing about lace wearing dresses is that you can style this material into a mermaid-style wedding gown, ball wedding gown, short wedding gown, e.t.c

Image Showing a Nigerian Bride Wearing Lace Wedding Gown

Unlike Silk, a lace wedding gown is a mainstay!

So whatever your preference is in a wedding dress, be it a ball gown, a mermaid dress or a short dress, we hope you find this guide as useful as we enjoyed curating it for you.

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