Food is essential for every event. You will rarely find an event without food or at least some chops to nimble on.

Most people always look forward to the ‘item 7’ at events. I mean, who doesn’t like to eat good sumptuous meals?

Likewise, a great event can sometimes be marred by bad food; and what’s more, people often remember bad food and how their expectations were dashed when it came to the issue of food.

These and many other reasons are why you need to hire the right caterer for your event.

What are those things you need to look out for before hiring a caterer for your event?

  1. The number of guests you are expecting: Can the event planner cater for the number of people expected at the event? You need to be sure he or she is capable of handling those number of people. And so, find out this information before hiring him or her.
  2. Reviews: Be sure to find out what others have said about the caterer. Does he or she follow through with their commitments? What have other people said about the quality of their food? Get trusted sources and double check your facts.
  3. Budget: Think about the cost, how much you can afford, the type of food to be cooked, your expectations and so on. This is one of the important things that need to be sorted when hiring a caterer.
  4. Education: Are they certified to cook or do they meet basic health requirements? Is the caterer educated to prepare the certain kind of meals needed at your event?
  5. Experience: Is the caterer experienced in catering for the type of event you are having? What are some of the tips the vendor knows that can be of huge success to your event?
  6. Responsiveness: How responsive is the vendor? Is he/she ready to answer and meet your demands as at when needed? How about their communication skills?
  7. Provision of tastings: Is the vendor willing to provide you with tastings? You need to have an idea of what the meals that would be on your menu would taste like to you know what to expect and what to or not to serve your guests. And so, the caterer should be able to provide you with tastings. It is not enough to hire a caterer, you need to hire the right caterer that will provide you with good food!

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