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Caterer, Small Chops

An Event Managent and Catering company. We plan all kinds of social & corporate events. Our mouthwatering small chops and meals are a delight for every occasion. Our lovely event ushers are always courteous and at your service.

Rivers, Nigeria
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Burgers, chicken and chips

₦1,000 per plate


₦10,000 per event

Hot dogs, chicken and chips

₦1,000 per plate

Ice-cream 100 cups minimum

₦25,000 per event

Isiewu, nkwobi, peppersoup

₦500 per plate

Jollof, chicken, plantain packs

₦1,000 per plate

Jollof, fried rice, chicken packs

₦800 per plate

Mascots - Mickey Mouse, Spongebob etc

₦8,000 per event

Mini pack - spring roll, samosa, puffs

₦400 per head

National and continental dishes

₦2,000 per head

National dishes

₦1,500 per head

Popcorn 100 packs minimum

₦15,000 per event

Santa Claus

₦10,000 per event

Spring roll, samosa, puffs, chicken

₦700 per plate

Spring roll, samosa, puffs, meatballs, chi

₦800 per plate

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