Ciro1Grills & Catering
Caterer, Small Chops

Ciro1 Grills & catering.. we are into event Grills and food. E.g.1. whola ram barbeque. 2. Freshly prepared peppered Guinea fowl. 3. Chicken/ chips. 4. Grilled fish/fried yam/plantain. 5.The Big culinary fish from 10kg to 50kg will serve over 60 guest with salad.. 6. Small chops. 7. Ojojo. 8. Peppered snail. 9. Stick meat kebab. 10. Amala/Tuwo/Gbegiri with fresh fish/Goat meat. Check us out on Instagram. Ciro1event _ catering.

Lagos, Nigeria
Prices AvailableAs low as NGN 12


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