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Dora's bistro is a catering food company that offers wide range of African & continental dishes, as well as finger foods, small chops, cocktail drinks, smoothies and natural fruit juices, for your events, meetings/seminars and parties, we also offer private cheffing & can supply pots of soups/stew & any kind of food on order, for busy people/parents... We deliver home cooked meals anywhere in Lagos & have our restaurant at Ikeja Lagos State... Our fish/chicken barbeque, nkwobi, isiewu & Asun, amongst others is a must serve for ur parties, events, luncheons et'al... Dora's bistro provides, Homemade foods & catering at its finest!...

Lagos, Nigeria
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Amala/Semo/Garri & Cowleg/dryfish

₦2,500 per plate

Asun (large)

₦1,300 per plate

Baked/ Grilled sauced Croaker fish& chips 'L'

₦3,500 per plate

Chicken & Chips

₦2,300 per plate

Kpomo Sauce

₦1,300 per plate

Nkwobi (Large)

₦2,000 per plate

Ofada Rice & DryFish stew

₦2,000 per plate

Pasta & Veggie Sauce (large) & Chicken/meat

₦2,500 per plate

Pepper soup (Fresh fish/ Cowleg / Goatmeat)

₦2,000 per plate

Peppered Goat meat with Special sauce

₦1,500 per plate

Poundo yam, Veg/Oha/Egusi soup

₦2,500 per plate

Rice (fried/jollof/white) & Chicken / Cowleg

₦2,500 per plate

Starch & bangs soup & fish/cowleg/assorted

₦2,500 per plate

Vegetarian Meat-Chunks in pepper sauce

₦1,500 per plate

Vegetarian Nkwobi (Large)

₦2,000 per plate

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