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Cake Vendor, Event Planner

We are a cake studio that produces custom cakes, classic wedding cakes and other baked treats that are simply delicious and outstanding!

Enugu, Nigeria
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8 inches buttercream birthday cakes

₦13,000 per event

8inches fondant cake

₦16,500 per event

cake loaf

₦2,500 per event

cup cake box of 12

₦6,000 per event

cup cake box of 24

₦12,000 per event

cup cake box of 6

₦3,000 per event

cup cakes box of 4

₦2,000 per event

custom cakes/novelity cakes

₦35,000 per event

traditional wedding cakes

₦45,000 per event

wedding cakes

₦70,000 per event

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