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I am in to all types of fashion wear, either free hand or pattern, also gender is not a problem, we sew for both male and female, anyhow you want it we are here for you


Already made gown ankara

₦9,000 per outfit

Already made gown cord lace

₦10,000 per outfit

Ankara party gown

₦8,000 per outfit

Bridal Gown

₦40,000 per outfit

Cord lace gown

₦7,000 per outfit


₦3,500 per outfit

Jumsuit palazo

₦4,000 per outfit

Mum and princess gown

₦15,000 per outfit

Palazo and kimono

₦4,000 per outfit

Princess ball gown

₦10,000 per outfit

Reception gown

₦8,000 per outfit

Senator style for couple

₦6,000 per outfit

Shirt nd trouser for women

₦4,000 per outfit

Skirt and blouse ankara

₦6,500 per outfit

Skirt and blouse lace

₦7,000 per outfit

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