The cost of wedding in Nigeria depends on several factors such as one’s location, number of guests, what type of wedding they’d like to have, which services they’ll pay for vs do themselves (e.g. hiring an MC vs having a friend act as the MC) and many other factors.

Please note that this post uses summarized averages, to find out exactly how much your wedding would cost, you should use, a Nigerian wedding cost calculator we created to help you get a more accurate estimate based on your location, guests, and needs.

This post brings averages of  (standard) wedding costs in some of Nigeria’s major states with a guest list of 250 and with the following services selected: venue, decor, catering, cake, small chops, soft drinks, bridal makeup, bridal gown, groom suit, wedding ring, a bouquet of flowers, wedding ring, cocktails, souvenirs, media coverage (photography + videography), an MC, and a DJ.

So, here are the averages for a standard wedding with 250 guests with the service listed above:

  • Average cost of wedding in Lagos: 1,822,050.00
  • Average cost of wedding in Abuja: 1,989,975.00
  • Average cost of wedding in Rivers state: 1,672,250.00
  • Average cost of wedding in Delta state: 1,512,225.00
  • Average cost of wedding in Oyo state: 1,587,150.00
  • Average cost of wedding in Kaduna state: 1,840,200.00
  • Average cost of wedding in Edo state: 1,698,850.00
  • Average cost of wedding in Kwara State: 1,479,225.00

There are lots of other things and this cost differs based on your budget as earlier state. The Nigerian wedding cost calculator would give a more accurate estimate.

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