Dear brides, do you choose just anyone to be part of your bridal train (bridesmaids) or you take careful thoughts into the selection process?

Do you know that the right bridesmaids are more than those that are tall, beautiful, or of a particular size?

Your bridesmaids are your support group; they offer physical help, emotional support, cheerleading, and so on.

Who should be your bridesmaids?

Time moves quickly and friendships change. Some people you may consider close to at the beginning of the year may not be close to you again now. You need to carefully consider those you choose.

Here are some important things to consider:

  1. Who should be your maid of honour? One of the first people to consider among your bridal train is your maid of honour. This is because your maid of honour should be someone you trust, know well, and someone who can be of huge help to you. There is the probability that you would spend more time with this person than other girls on your bridal train on your wedding day. A lot of consideration has to be taken when choosing this person.
  2. How many bridesmaids do you need? You need to determine how many bridesmaids you need for your wedding. Do you want to have the same number of bridesmaids and groomsmen or not?
  3. Who should you consider? Do you have a sister? If yes, can she be your maid of honour? This is one of the best options for brides. However, if you have multiple sisters, it might be best to choose a neutral person as your maid of honour in other to avoid conflict. This is up to you.
  4. List out your closest friends: Once you have decided the number of bridesmaids you want, then you should write a list of your closest friends and start to consider each one of them. You should also include your sisters and relatives who can be part of your bridal train
  5. Budget: You need to understand that being a bridesmaid is a huge commitment on the part of the bridesmaids, so it is not just about you! Are you going to be covering the costs of their expenses, will they handle it themselves or will both of you split the costs? It is important to think about how much your bridesmaids can afford before demanding so much from them. You need to be considerate and not put them in a tight corner. Likewise, don’t forget to consider giving your bridesmaids gifts in order to appreciate them; you can include this in your own budget.
  6. It is an option: Most of us don’t like to hear the word ‘no’ but we have to toughen up when situations like that arise. We all have our different priorities and plans and if someone you hope to be part of your bridal train declines your offer, then you should not take it personally. Also, it is advisable to set clear expectations for whoever you choose to be part of your bridal train; this would save both of you a whole lot of stress and help you to be on the same page.
What are your thoughts on the above? Let’s hear from you below.

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Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash