Your wedding isn’t just another day of the year. It’s your big day and you would want to look your very best. Nonetheless, we understand that the feelings of “finally getting hitched” can get you so “high” that you would probably be confused about basically everything going into the big day.

While there are some understandable mistakes, one decision you wouldn’t want to get wrong is choosing the right color combinations. The colours you choose will set the mood and tone for your special day. To guide you through the selection process, here are the best wedding colour combinations you should consider:

  • Pink, grey, and ivory


This colour combination allows you to achieve a perfect mix of light, dark and a neutral shade. Pink and grey give you a beautiful contrast of light and dark, while ivory adds its own touch of neutral shade. The result of this combo is a soft, romantic look on your special day

  • Mixed Shades of Blue


What better way to celebrate your big day than donning the colour of love itself? Blue is a calming and elegant colour that will give both you and your partner the perfect look for the occasion.

  • Mint green, gold, and peach


The versatility of mint green is second none. It can go with any colour, but even more spectacularly with gold, as well as warmer colours such as peach. This combo is ideal for a barn or outdoor wedding. 

  • Champagne gold and black

Champagne gold and black

No matter your preferred wedding style, champagne gold is one colour that’s worth considering. The colour can blend with just any kind of shade, but ideally, you should consider combining it with either white or black to get prefect results.

  • Lilac and Lavender

Lilac and Lavender

While the focus is usually on your attires for the day, it’s worthwhile to not forget to go for the complete package. Lilac and lavender adapt well for bridesmaids’ dresses and groomsmen’s ties and pop against a lush green backdrop. 

  • Turquoise and red

Turquoise and red

Turquoise is naturally an option for every Nigerian wedding. It can go well with several colours, including silver, white, gold, peach, and yellow, but would look nicest when combined with red. 

  • Purple, silver, and blue


Purple and blue are one of the most used colour combinations at weddings. This is due to their many tints and versatility of mixing and matching. You can decide to add finishing touch to the almost-perfect combo by throwing in silver in either matte or sparkly as your neutral.

  • Orange, white and goldenrod yellow


It’s not uncommon to see couples wear orange-coloured attires at their wedding. You can also try it out advisably with goldenrod yellow and white to make the perfect mix of warm, sunny colours.

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